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Composite 7th House - Venus & Mercury

The Composite Seventh House
The seventh house is the house of intimate one-to-one encounters. In a strong seventh house relationship, the two people are likely to think of themselves as "we" and "us". It is not simply a matter of enjoying each other's company, but more important is the fact that they complement each other and make a strong whole.
A clearly seventh house relationship that is not well-aspected will still be an intimate encounter, but the people may be enemies or at least competitors. This is because the seventh is also the house of one's open enemies.

Composite Venus
Venus is obviously important in any kind of relationship, because it rules both love and the ability to form relationships, particularly those based on emotion. If Venus is badly placed, you may have a long-term relationship, but it will not have much love. On the other hand, if Venus is strong and well placed, but other relationship indications are not good, the two of you may be drawn to each other very strongly even though you are not really compatible. This creates a very stormy, short-lived relationship.
In its deepest meaning, Venus represents the principle in the universe that draws two entities together by natural and spontaneous inner forces, much the way positive and negative charges attract each other.
The position of Venus in the composite chart indicates how far this relationship will allow both of you to express yourselves through love. It also describes what part of your environment you most desire to bring into this experience. It is not necessary to have a good Venus in order to make a relationship survive, but a good Venus will make the relationship worth having.

Venus in the Seventh House
This indicates a that this relationship is based to a considerable extent on affection. There may be other reasons for this relationship, but love is certainly one of the most important.
You will have a strong sense of shared emotion and feeling and a great need to share your experiences.
The only danger that you should watch for with this position is that you may tend to be too accommodating; that is, you will try to agree with each other even when one of you has a legitimate grievance. If you do this too often, eventually the friendly atmosphere wears thin, and all kinds of resentments boil out. Do not let your desire for peace and harmony prevent you from confronting important issues.

Venus Opposition Ascendant
The opposition of composite Venus and Ascendant signifies a partnership of real love, one of the best to have in the composite chart of a love relationship or marriage. It can pull a relationship through the worst situations that can occur.

Regardless of why you have come together, this aspect will produce a love relationship between you. The two of you feel that you complement each other in some definite but indefinable way.
Your differences do not create barriers between you but allow you to work together in life. Each one has what the other lacks and needs.

Venus Square Uranus
You can confidently expect the unexpected. This relationship can flare up and then die with incredible speed. Indeed, if you are looking for a quiet, reliable, partnership, this is not it.

A relationship can be destroyed because someone tries to hold on to something within it. This makes the other person feel trapped and rebellious about the restrictions.

Often a relationship like this has something very unusual about it and may even fly in the face of social convention. In a way, the relationship lives on because of this quality. If you get married, you may discover that making it legitimate has taken away the "zing" of unconventionality, the passion goes, the two of you lose interest in each other, and the relationship dies.

In its own terms, a relationship with this aspect is usually successful in one way or another. But if you want it to be long-lasting, you must operate from a very unstructured and open position with a minimum of restrictions.


Mercury is the planet of mind and communication. In a relationship it signifies the quality and manner of communication between the two of you.
A well-placed Mercury in the chart indicates that you have some degree of intellectual understanding and can communicate with each other. While it is desirable, especially in an emotional relationship, that two people have an intuitive, unspoken understanding, it is also highly desirable that you be able to talk easily with each other.
Unfortunately, very often, especially in a love relationship, people think that if they truly love each other, they should be able to feel what the other is thinking without having to say anything. If there is no communication between you, all you have left is the image created in your mind in the absence of real understanding. This is what a badly placed Mercury often signifies.
Basically, Mercury signifies your ability to speak each other's language, to express your thoughts in ways that the other can understand.

Mercury in the Seventh House

Mercury in the seventh house of the composite chart indicates that your relationship will work well as a partnership in mental and intellectual concerns. For example, if you came together to write a book.
In a personal relationship this placement indicates the ability to think as a team and to provide a united front, at least intellectually, to the rest of the world. The two of you are generally able to share your ideas and opinions about everything.
Because the seventh is an angular house, the planet that occupies it is more important than it would be otherwise. When Mercury is strengthened, as it is in the seventh house, communication between you is easier and is a more prominent part of the relationship.

Mercury Conjunct Venus
Mercury conjunct Venus is an excellent aspect in a composite chart, for it indicates that you both are able to express affection easily.
Another fortunate attribute of this conjunction is that it gives you sensitivity to each other's feelings.
This aspect should help smooth out the roughness that occasionally comes up in any relationship, but it may also make you keep quiet for the sake of preserving harmony when you feel angry. Go ahead and say what you feel, for you will be able to express what must be said in the right way.

Mercury Square Uranus
Mercury square Uranus in a composite chart indicates restlessness and unquiet in the mental life you share. This may take one of two forms.
It may be that as a couple you find conventional ideas and opinions very unsatisfactory, and you are in a constant state of rebellion against them.
The other manifestation is more difficult to handle, for it does tend to divide a relationship. This aspect may make you very restless and rebellious against each other's ways of thinking. Whenever one of you says something, the other automatically disagrees with it. And you do so with the dogmatic vigor that is characteristic of Uranus.
The problem is that unless the relationship has some compensating factors, this way of life could eventually become tiresome and cause you to part company. People can stand only so many bruises, even intellectual ones.

Mercury Trine Mars
Mercury trine Mars in a composite chart indicates a mentally active and vigorous relationship in which neither of you will allow the other's mind to become lazy. You will stimulate each other's ability and desire to learn and have new experiences.
If you are doing some kind of mental or intellectual work together, this aspect will prove extremely useful. Fortunately you will be able to keep your arguing under control.
The openness between you and the stimulation you give each other, which you both know you need, should be strong factors in keeping this relationship healthy for some time.


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