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2. The Composite Second House - Moon & Jupiter

The Meaning of the Composite Second House
The second house of the composite chart refers to values - what the two people value, and their relationship to what is valued. This can operate on two different planes.
The second house can indicate the role that value-systems play in forming the relationship, that is, to what extend two people come together because they value similar things or ideas. If the second house contains difficult aspects, disagreements over values may be a major source of conflict. Similarly, positive aspects indicate that the couple has compatible values, which helps to bind the relationship together.
On another plane, clearly related to the first, the composite second house refers to whatever finances and property there may be in the relationship. If a relationship does not have any common property or finances, only the first manifestation will have relevance.

The Moon in the Composite Chart - 2nd House

In a composite chart, the Moon indicates how well the relationship acts as a medium of emotional expression for the two of you. Can you be honest and open with each other about your feelings? Can one of you reveal his or her feelings without being rejected by the other? For this reason alone the position of the Moon is very important for describing compatibility.

The Moon also represents basic structures within one's personality: habits, unconsciously motivated behavior, and their sources - one's past, origins, family, and home life. If the moon is well placed in the composite chart, the two of you will feel that you have something in common. A badly placed Moon, however, can create a sense of alienation, of being different from each other, that will make it difficult for you to get along.
The house position of the Moon in the composite chart shows the area in which you feel, or ought to feel, that you have the most in common.
In contrast to the Sun, which shows what the relationship does, the Moon indicates the subjective feelings of harmony and empathy that you have for each other, even in difficult times.

The composite Moon in the second house indicates that this relationship will bring out the needs you both have for emotional and material security. In fact, you may have come together because of those needs.

You will have a strong sense of shared values, which will help to reinforce you as a couple against the outside world. Because of this shared feeling, your relationship will grow strong even when there are considerable difficulties between you.

The security that this relationship can offer should be one of its strongest points and should help keep you together when the going gets tough.

Moon Opposition Mercury
The challenge for your relationship is to learn to balance rational communication with communication of feelings. If the relationship is allowed to follow its natural tendencies, you will probably find it difficult to bring the two kinds of communication together.
Usually a discussion will be a very emotional experience with a good deal of sound and fury and not much true communication. You must learn to make the discussion useful for understanding as well as for letting off steam.
Nevertheless, it is possible to bring about a balance, so that real feelings can be communicated clearly and objectively. But you both will have to learn to look at things in a new and different way by standing outside of your involvement and seeing your partner's position.

Moon Trine Pluto
Your relationship has an unusual emotional intensity, which makes it difficult for you to react to each other in a detached manner.
Nevertheless, if you want intimacy, this combination provides an intensity that will bind the two of you together for a long time. This relationship may cause you both to go through very profound emotional changes, in which you will discover aspects of yourselves that you may not have known existed.

Moon Sextile Neptune
The spirituality of the relationship will be emphasized very strongly.
Communication between you will be largely intuitive and nonverbal, with looks and subtle gestures often taking the place of words. Yet you will feel that you communicate very well, even better perhaps than those who are limited to words. If this is in fact true, you have a very high type of relationship, indeed.

You should have a relationship that is in many ways ideal and spiritual.

Moon Sextile Mars
In a sexual relationship this aspect is a positive indication for success, because Mars rules certain portions of the energy complex that makes up sexual energy. The Moon, of course, rules the feelings. The result is that this aspect arouses the energies needed for a positive sexual relationship.

Except for sexual contact, this combination of Mars and the Moon is not especially physical in its expression. But physical activity provides a good outlet for the energies it generates. Consequently you should not sit around together but should try to be active in all possible ways.
This is a good aspect for a relationship based on feeling.

The only other difficulty that this aspect may bring about is a tendency to be possessive and jealous of each other. Outside of this problem and the need to be more objective about each other, this is a good aspect to have in a composite chart, especially if your relationship is an intimate, personal one.

Jupiter in the Second House

Jupiter in the second house of the composite chart is excellent for all matters relating to property and possessions within the relationship. It does not necessarily indicate that the two of you will be wealthy, but it does indicate that you will have enough of whatever you want. Business associations are especially favored by this position of Jupiter.
The only problem to watch out for is that Jupiter here can make people excessively materialistic, both individually and in a relationship.
One of the fortunate attributes of this position is that making money and gaining property are not areas of anxiety, so you can feel detached from these issues and can express yourselves through material generosity to others.
There may be a danger that you will be careless about money and unwise in its use. However, this will not happen because of unluckiness but because you like to take chances. If you take the time to stop and think, you will know what to do in a situation.

Jupiter Trine Pluto
This is an excellent aspect for any relationship in which you have to work together on some task or bring about changes in the world around you. This is a success aspect. It confers luck, not through fate but through the excellent sense of timing that results when two people complement each other's abilities.
Together you want to make changes in your world, and through your relationship you will gain strength and ability that will enable you to get whatever you seek.
Even if you have difficult times with each other, the energy of this aspect will enable you to pull yourselves back together. This aspect can contribute greatly to the overall stability of a relationship.

Jupiter Trine Uranus
This aspect indicates a relationship that will achieve its own unique self-expression. This indicates that your relationship will not follow any established patterns.

This aspect signifies new and creative ways of doing things. It expresses hope and confidence in a bright and different future, with fresh ideas and ways of looking at the world. Whatever the reasons for your coming together, you both will be exposed to new ideas and concepts, which will prevent you from getting into any kind of rut.

A love relationship with this aspect will not follow the established script in many ways. For example, you will give each other a great deal more freedom than most people would. And you will be friends as well as lovers, which is a very good thing in a love relationship.


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